This is the story of a duel, a showdown between energy titans, David against Goliath.

On one side, there is a small but strong group of people with a fascinating, revolutionary idea. Energy autonomy. The aim: supplying the world with 100% renewable energies, made possible with today's technologies. On the other side are established rulers, willing to do whatever it takes to hold up inevitable changes, to defame this idea and to pretend that its realization is impossible.

This is reason against power, innovation against establishment.

Time is running short. The present system is destroying our planet by the minute. It's an all or nothing struggle. Can this idea prevail in good time? Will the small group gain more influence? What will it take? What hurdles will get in its way? Who are the most important players on both sides? Where does the duel take place and how will it end?

This is cinema…
…but not science-fiction. It is cinema veritÚ.

There are solutions. Energy Autonomy is possible. The sun supplies us with never-ending energies. It radiates a multiple of the global energy demand. Just like the wind, which is always blowing somewhere on the planet. The potential of millions of Kilowatt-hours is hidden in water, flowing in rivers and oceans worldwide. The inside of our earth is trembling with the energy of thousands of power plants. And every single plant, all organic material, is basically a battery in which solar energy is stored. Everywhere today, we can extract this energy – individually and autonomously. With today's technology, using these energy sources we can meet the global energy demand. That is the one side.

The other side is the established system: Companies worth billions, elites from economic and political empires, in other words: today's energy industry. The production of energy provided by generating energy from fossil and atomic resources supplies the world, but at the same time destroys our environment and damages our health. It incurs tremendous costs every day, and is accompanied by cruel wars and conflicts. Many people suffer because of this.

Today's energy industry makes the planet uninhabitable for future generations. Our climate has changed.
The health of a quarter of the world's population is affected by energy emissions. A third doesn't even have access to electricity. As the situation is deteriorating, the struggle for dwindling resources has turned into a matter of survival for entire nations.
We are facing wars and catastrophes of unprecedented dimensions.

Using compelling images, we will show and prove that renewable energies are sufficient to meet the world's energy demand. Renewable energies aren't just a vision for a far-away future; they already exist.

We will show examples of these renewable energies from everywhere in the world. And we will show people who make their living with wind- or solar power, with biomass, hydroelectric or geothermal power, with forward-thinking and responsible entrepreneurs, economists and engineers. The technologies they use are state-of-the-art high-tech, intelligent and efficient. We will speak with investors who understand that a new industrialization is on the threshold, approaching the market with immeasurable growth. We will speak with the creators and pioneers, who will give us an understanding of the moral superiority of renewable energies – and the code of survival.

They all know: Time is running short! Opposition is growing. The final duel, the struggle for the future of our planet and the race against time, has begun.