• And what's next?
    Imagine – the stirring effect, the film THE 4TH REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy will have on people – first in Germany, then in the whole world. They will be shocked by what they've seen, alarmed by the uneven balance of power and fascinated by the social and technological progress of renewable energies, and they will see the solution. A solution from which one day our great-grandchildren will benefit as well.
    We want to reach more than ten million people worldwide with THE 4TH REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy. We cannot calculate the effect, which it will have on the renewable energies industry, but we are convinced that they will give a boost to all of us.

Here you can purchase film building blocks at 1000,- EUR each – and support a great idea. More information

Whether you are a supporter or a sponsor: with your contribution, you become part of the continuously growing global Community of ENERGY AUTONOMY, and as such you will act in a network of active members with similar ways of thinking, you will receive updates and information on the project and related topics. Being a member of the Community of ENERGY AUTONOMY, you will participate in the recreation of the world.

That is why this should not remain the only project. Possible surpluses will flow into the next film project about energy autonomy. We guarantee for that.