ENERGY AUTONOMY-The Film:The Vision advances!


Dear Friends, Partners and Supporters of ENERGY AUTONOMY – The Code of Survival!

Thanks to your active support, an idea has become a film!
We are moved, relieved and, of course, also somewhat proud!
Even if we haven’t reached the final goal yet…

After four months of intensive editing in Berlin with the German editing award winner, Mona Bräuer, the preliminary version of “The 4th Revolution“ (current working title) could be audience tested with two screenings in Berlin and Tuttlingen. The reaction was very encouraging. 90% of the audience would recommend the film to someone else. Furthermore their response provided constructive criticism for the final touches.

The results are worth seeing! The central protagonists are charismatic personalities from around the world, who passionately and emotionally demonstrate their projects and convey the possibility and necessity of making a 100% shift to renewable energies.

By the end of July we expect to decide which distributor we will work with to unveil our ambitious film. Following that, the final film title and showing date can be determined.

Not only the film, but also the ENERGY AUTONOMY Team has grown. If you would like to become better acquainted with us, we invite you to take a look at our home page or call us or write to us. Effective immediately, we are the central communication link for everything pertaining to the film project, public relations and additional financing. In addition, we are in charge of the communication with theENERGY AUTONOMY community, actively inject ideas and proposals for cross-promotion activities and events combined to the local film premieres and look forward to personal contact with you!

The home page will also be re-worked shortly in order to document the progress and provide you with a platform for comprehensive information about the film project, the philosophy behind it and the accompanying movement.

We are thankful for the many means of support we have experienced and for those who have been actively involved in the community and report on the status of our project in their networks. Thanks to the help and involvement of our supporters and sponsors, 90% of the total budget has already been financed. In order to close the final gaps, we would be grateful for further supporters.

Join us and follow our project to its goal…

…the energy transformation has already begun!

Sincere greetings from,
Carina Lugert, Maja Tittlbach und Marcus Greineder