Dear Community of ENERGY AUTONOMY,

whilst you are hopefully enjoying these wonderful summer days the team of ENERGY AUTONOMY kept on working intensively on the campaign for the cinema documentary project ENERGY AUTONOMY – The 4th Revolution (working title). The film about 100% use of Renewable Energies until the year of 2040 and consequently its major contribution to climate protection and social justice.

Now it is time for a change:

The ENERGY AUTONOMY – Homepage will get a new face.

And not just one, but many faces… because it is a community standing behind the project and its ideas!

Become a visual part of the project and send us your favourite and most beautiful portrait of you, your colleagues, your family and friends, of anyone who shares and supports our vision of energy autonomy. Take the chance to become a facet of the ENERGY AUTONOMY-Community – mosaic!

This mosaic will serve as a visual metaphor of the ENERGY AUTONOMY-Community on our new website, and eventually be used in the general printing stock of the ENERGY AUTONOMY campaign.

We are curious and looking forward to see your smile!

We will be back with news next week, when you will get the chance to watch and download our new trailer on
(The release of the English version is set for the end of next week.)

Sunny greetings from the whole Team of ENERGY AUTONOMY