The new face of ENERGY AUTONOMY!

Newsletter of 25th September 2009

Dear Friends of ENERGY AUTONOMY!

Many thanks to all those of you who answered our call to show face for ENERGY AUTONOMY and sent their portrait photo for the community mosaic.
Now it's the time for ENERGY AUTONOMY to show its new face.
The new homepage is online now! See the result on the community page of the film project ENERGY AUTONOMY – The 4th Revolution! under

  • Click here to explore the background of the development of the cinema documentary on the transformation of our energy system and read the Shooting Diary.
  • For the first time, you can learn more about the protagonists of the film and look at the pictures in the galleries of the exciting shooting travel.
  • Get to know our sponsors and supporters closer and read their statements on their reasons why they support the project by having acquired symbolic film building blocks.
  • From now on you will find the German version of the Community Trailer here. By automatically stored functions, you can easily embed the trailer on your own homepage or share by email.
  • Become a part of the 4th Revolution – an energy revolution in order to switch completely to renewable energies. You are very welcome to join the Community of ENERGY AUTONOMY. Invite your colleagues, business partners, friends and acquaintances. Just forward this newsletter with the note that they can sign up here to receive it in the future.

We were quite surprised and equally happy that so many of you sent their pictures! Some of you can already find themselves on the new homepage. For those who don't by now, be sure we'll use your image in the near future. The next community mosaic is in progress and we look forward to more photo-mailings.

And now we are about to enter an exciting election weekend in Germany! We wish you, us and our country many environmentally conscious voters, so in the coming years climate change and renewable energy sources get an appropriate attention by everyone!

Best regards,