Newsletter of 20th October 2009

Dear friends of ENERGY AUTONOMY,

after seven months of editing another important chapter in the production history of the movie on energy transition faces its end. The fine cut has been completed and you should expect an outstanding result! Even the name of your movie has now been confirmed: THE FOURTH REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy.

For those who do not know yet, filmmakers need a long breath. Thus, there is a seamless slide right into the next chapter. The film is going through digital postproduction process in the upcoming weeks and at the same time the composition of the final version of the film score is in progress. And we are all buzzing with the beat, while we lay hands on the first product for the community of ENERGY AUTONOMY. For …

… there will be an ENERGY AUTONOMY – calendar to create a joy that lasts all year long in 2010! We have selected 12 of the best photos of the breathtaking shooting travel though the choice was not easy. We would have had enough fascinating motives to fill an entire 365-day calendar. Enriched with quotations of the movie's protagonists the calendar will be a very special Christmas present, which can be ordered from now on for your loved ones, friends and business partners. By ordering this high quality calendar you can support our multifaceted project in a different way.

Speaking of support, at this point, we give a very heartfelt welcome to two new sponsors, who seriously contribute to the further completion of the film by financial support. Our thanks go to the GriffnerHaus AG, the Austrian pioneer of energy-efficient construction, whose general manager Mr. Lenzinger intensively encourages us to transfer the campaign idea of individual events during the local film premieres to Austria and offers strong support.
Jan Teut from Teut Engineering – a constructor of wind energy converters – was immediately on fire to promote ENERGY AUTONOMY as a sponsor as well. In his opinion the film will enhance the counteraction towards the rapidly growing threat to the earth and all its creatures by the climatic changes and show the way to reach energy transition.

To all the new supporters who have supported the project by purchasing one or more film blocks of 1.000, – EUR: Our sincerest thanks!
Mr. Georg Löser will get his document as our 100th supporter during a small event in Freiburg tomorrow afternoon. He will do so on behalf of all other supporters who joined us in the past weeks and months: WestWind Projektierungs GmbH & Co. KG, Mrs. Elsa Gheziel, Law firm Gassner, Groth, Siederer & Colleagues, Mrs.Natalie Becker, Mammut Sports Group AG, Relatio PV GmbH & Co. KG, Mr. Olaf Achilles, bos.ten AG, Stapel GmbH, Ergotherapy Weis, Solar ob Eck GbR, in.power GmbH, the Initiative Windkraft Odenwald e.V., mina Energie-, Kälte- und Umwelttechnik, EMVEE Solar Europe, Evergreen Solar Inc., the Ecuador project of the Käthe-Kollwitz-School, our former intern Greta Becker and Solar23 GmbH.

We are very grateful for having supporters from all kinds of background – companies and associations, but also by a whole series of individuals and especially young people who are not necessarily well-heeled: people who believe in the success of “THE FOURTH REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy” and want to become a part of the revolution. In cinema!

In this spirit, revolutionary greetings,