In the year of 2010 the film will inspire more than 100.000 cinema viewers in Germany, Austria and Swizerland. And it goes on… The international cinema distribution follows in end of 2010 / beginning of 2011.

  • The Event Campaign of the 4th Revolution

The objective is to get the film's message – “100 pervent renewable energies are possible today” – from the cinemas out into the streets. Local action groups who care about organisation and implementation of actions prior to each national cinema release of THE 4th REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy consist of dedicated individuals and entrepreneurs, active trade associations and communities. the events include panel discussions, exhibitions in cinema foyers, special school events, concerts, etc. designed to show people ways to make their own contribution. The events ensure a wide dissemination of the subject and will raise the public awareness towards energy transition.
National patrons, credible representatives from industry, research and politics that can identify with the idea of energy autonomy and the statements of the film, can support the film's distribution within their territories.

Everyone can be part of the 4th revolution! Everywhere!
The campaign team of Energy Autonomy offers personal support relating to planning and managing local events and exclusive special screenings.
Get the feeling of previous events in Germany and Austria

  • Sponsoring

Support and accompany the film and the campaign all over the world as sponsor. You can take advantage of the various, sustainable and extraordinary possibilities for the presentation of your company.
Please contact us for further information on the exclusive sponsorship package!