"What can I do?"

The ENERGY AUTONOMY-Community consists of dedicated individuals and entrepreneurs, active trade associations and communities, communicators and disseminators of the center of a growing movement that aims to inspirit a social dynamic in motion to generate pressure on lobbyists and politicians, and to stimulate a broad public debate.

Local action groups who care about organization and implementation of actions prior to the cinema release of THE 4TH REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy, to the local film premieres in the first weeks after the releasedate, will derive from the center of the community. These actions aim to raise awareness of the project even further and also to reach those part of the public which has not heard about it yet.

You are enthusiastic about the project? You want to be active? Then don't ask yourself any longer
WHAT CAN I DO?” ! Go ahead and follow our CHECKLIST for the implementation of a local action group!

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