Shooting Diary

Phase 2: Northern Europe

We are on the road to Denmark. To a region where 50,000 people are supplied almost exclusively with electricity and heat from renewable energies, a project which earned the region the European Solar Prizelast year.

Thisted demonstrates how comfortable a switch to renewable energies can be. Wind turbines shape the countryside like the power poles at home. In the morning we had a fascinating view across misty plains. At 5 a.m. we were standing on an empty country road, shooting wonderful pictures of the “blue hour”. Absolutely unique! Have a look at our shooting gallery for more impressions.

The director, Carl-A. Fechner, was facing a medium-sized natural problem: A wasp's bite caused an allergic reaction, making his hand swell to the size of a tennis ball.

After a ferry ride at night we arrive in Oslo, where we shoot a highly efficient and innovative city car. An ingenious vehicle, without any emissions, neither pollution nor noise. The production company, which will start line producing in November, provides the batteries for rent, so the customers do not have to buy them.

With this city car we can also get to know Oslo quickly. The drivers of these cars do not have to pay road tolls, taxes or parking fees, but on the contrary, are allowed to use the lanes otherwise reserved for buses and cabs. This does not only please the economy, it also reduces the amount of energy that the cars need.

At lunch there is a case of emergency. In front of the crew, a Norwegian woman passes out. Instantly, First Aid knowledge is activated, and even before the doctor arrives, the woman is safe again.

In splendid sunshine and a weather like the famous Indian Summer, we leave Norway for a short stop at home and a new shooting block in Africa. More to come for the next diary entry…