juwi Holding AG

juwi Holding AG

Why we are a main sponsor

We have a vision: in 2030 all the electricity needs in our home region, Rhineland-Palatinate, will be produced using regenerative energy sources by means of the most modern wind turbines and photovoltaic systems, with bio-energy and geo-thermal projects as well as both new and existing waterpower plants. With an intelligent mix of energy types we can completely supply the land of beets and vines regeneratively. With existing potential and technologies we can reach a 100 percent mix of regenerative energy in Rhineland-Palatinate. A shift in the energy system would usher in countless economic advantages in addition to protecting the environment: favourable and stable electricity prices, increased supply certainty, billions of investments in a technology of the future and many new jobs.

Rhineland-Palatinate is not the only place that offers considerable potential for the expansion of renewable energy sources. Other German states and each European country as well as regions outside of Europe contain adequate regenerative energy sources. Numerous studies by well-known institutions, major companies and independent organizations have frequently demonstrated this in the past. In the long term, solar and wind energy, thanks to their huge potential, will play the most important role among the renewable sources. We want to work together with communities, local politicians, companies, the media and associations and above all with local citizens to reach this goal.

We will be lead by the goal of a sustainable energy supply – to create a balanced system including environmental friendliness, social responsibility and economic viability, which meets the needs of the present without destroying the perspectives and hopes of future generations. We will be empowered by the current findings of the United Nations related to climate change, reports of disappearing resources and the steadily rising cost of energy stemming from the global increase in demand. We want to present new information and knowledge as well as reduce pre-conceived notions and expand our ability to imagine the future. Energy Autonomy follows the same goal – therefore we are involved as a principal sponsor.