When global markets are breaking down, the economic fantasies of omnipotence are melting, depression is upsetting people, then room for a new departure comes into existence. At the end of the excesses millions of people are looking for a new orientation. A daily growing and noticeable movement of people who want to take the chance on a new beginning.

Our movie shows the pioneers and innovators of this movement. Funded and financed by revolutionaries, thinkers, entrepreneurs, committed individuals, associations and organizations.
This is a movie from the Movement for the Movement.

Find out more about our sponsors and supporters and read, what made them support ENERGY AUTONOMY not only ideologically, but also financially.

How can THE 4TH REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy in fact be produced independently?

The answer is strikingly simple: If you share the load between enough shoulders the power is distributed. 1.600 financing building blocks are on offer at 1000 Euros each.

  • The mediaproject is yet not completely financed. We are still looking for support! Get more information on our concept of financing by purchasing film building blocks here.

production: 1.381.000
creation of 35mm-copy: 78.000
media campaign: 126.000

  • not yet financed (as of 10 Feb 10)
    production: 78.100
    creation of 35mm-copy: 53.000
    medai campaign: 76.000

Energy Autonomy Der Film GmbH, a fechnerMEDIA subsidiary, founded only for this purpose, will take over production. This media company monitors the financing, guarantees the exclusive use of takings for the media project, is in charge of commissioning and takes care of communicating with the donors. The management of the film production is in the hands of fechnerMEDIA: Produktion. fechnerMEDIA has built up contacts over the past 15 years, which guarantee for the worldwide distribution of the film via international cinema distributors, film publishing houses and TV stations.